Beads and Life: Relationships

Hello and welcome to another edition of Beads and Life!

Beading has taught me that relationships are important and must be valued. #Beadsandlife

As much as we are in business to help women look fabulous & to make money, beading has taught me to value my clients. #Beadsandlife

The ability to make a client feel special and valued…. makes the client see you as a friend & that is priceless.

Relationships are very important. It is when you are nice to a person (genuinely) that somethings can work in your favour.

Let’s say like me… you run a business. How you treat every potential client is important… whether or not they buy.

At Tereloisworld, we have gotten referrals from people who didn’t buy our products… just because we were nice to them.

Everyone needs to learn how to truly value relationships because the truth is… You never can tell where it will lead.

Whether you own a business or not.. value relationships. Cherish people! People will forget the gifts &favours, BUT they will forever remember how you made them feel… do you make them feel special? Do they smile after talking to you?

Human beings love to feel important… needed too. And beading has taught me how to make my clients feeeeel… #Beadsandlife

How do we make people feel important and valued? It’s pretty simple… You will be amazed how far a text message can go

For some people, compliments is everything! If you tell a mum how awesome she is… her day is made.

Regular checkups is another but dear business owner…the checkup is not to ask them to buy, it is to ask how they doing.

Encouragements tell a person that you value them. It’s a way of saying…’I got your back’

So this week resolve to work on your relationships. Value people…seek them out…appreciate them genuinely.

Relationships are important and must be cherished. We all need each other to survive… like it or not.

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