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These tips will make you sell more.

  1. Ensure that your product photos are of top quality in order to grab favourable attention among the sea of products. Photos should the clear, well lighted, and non-blurry

  2. Help your wares to shine by giving them accurate and highly accurate titles and descriptions

  3. Don’t slack. Update your store with new items regularly and remove items that cannot be procured within the order filling period. This will preserve your marketplace reputation.

  4. Avoid cancelling customer orders. Your inventory listing must be accurate, that is, available/procurable within a short space of time

  5. Respond quickly to customer queries and questions

  6. We promote authenticity. Ensure that your products are durable, of good quality, and not different whatsoever from the advertised photo. You do not want bad customer reviews on your store.

  7. Toot your own horn! From our end here, we will be advertising your products, but don’t stop there. Share your store URL on all of your social media pages and get rewarded as a bestseller.