We are glad that you decided to take advantage of our platform to launch yourself into a wider sales network. Please read our market policy below:


Any item that you put up for sale on Handmade Nigeria must have been created by you or your principal.


*Non-deceptive: Your uploaded product photo must be same and truly representative of the item that you have for sale. If you offer more than one colour or size option, this should be indicated in your listing.

*No Plagiarism: On no account should you use other people’s photos to sell your goods. If your store is reported and we find this to be true, you may be banned from selling on Handmade Nigeria.

*Products must be shot against a white background

*Photos should not bear watermarks or logos


Please be on top of your store inventory; make sure that out of stock items are taken off or marked appropriately. You must be able to supply any displayed item in your store in not more than 3 days after an order is made.


You will be notified immediately there is an order for an item in your store. You are to drop off the requested good at our office address within 3 working days or the order will be marked unfulfilled and cancelled.


Ordered items should be dropped off at our office address – 12A Mabinuori Dawodu Street, Gbagada Phase1, Lagos.

Other locations will be communicated to you in due time. We will operate only within Lagos for the first few months of operation.


We currently do not charge a listing or subscription fee, but will charge a 15% commission on every sale that you make on the marketplace. This will be deducted before payments are made to you.


We will not take kindly to order cancellations from vendors after buyer requests. If you cancel your orders up to 3 times, your store may be suspended.

      8. PAYMENT

You will be notified when a payment is made for any of your shop items. And your registered account will be credited after the buyer must have received the item in satisfactory condition. This may take up to 10 working days.

      9. RETURNS

Please read our Return Policy. If an item from your store is returned for any justifiable reason, courier costs for such items will be borne by you. Please recheck that items are in good condition and that they are properly packed before you drop them off.

Note: This document is subject to periodic updates as we grow. You will be alerted if there is any change
Please direct your questions and comments to us at info@handmadenigeria.com or call 08051730812